Designed, sourced and made-in-Canada, the award winning Joseph Tassoni brand is a celebration of Canadian quality, craftsmanship and creativity. Joseph came from humble beginnings, starting his fashion career by studying at the Ryerson School of Fashion, where he then worked in corporate apparel for 18 years before starting his own, successful brand that exists today. In 2017, Joseph launched his outerwear label to great reception during Toronto Women’s Fashion Week. The Joseph Tassoni brand is known for its best in class materials and inventive designs that ensure the women and men wearing this clothing don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style.

Joseph’ design aesthetic is one of bold femininity and high fashion, while remaining focused on uncompromising fit. From his Cashmere 2016 bathroom tissue gown to outfitting red-carpet looks for TIFF 2017, 2018 and 2019, where his heart-shaped backless silhouette was a favourite among photographers and media, Joseph’s designs are always of high caliber. His capsule collection for Toronto Women’s Fashion Week’s runway celebration of Canada’s 150th brought luxury and couture to the runway in a powerful way that was uniquely Canadian.

In addition to constantly elevating his brand, Joseph remains passionate about elevating the state of Canadian home-grown fashion through mentorship programs at George Brown, Humber College, and through his advocacy towards made-in-Canada brands. In 2020, Joseph paved the way for fashion designers in Canada by pivoting his studio to produce protective equipment, including masks and gloves, to aid in the fight against COVID-19. Joseph was the first made-in- Canada fashion label to bring masks to the market, with proceeds from each purchase going towards his local hospital in Burlington. In 2022, Joseph was awarded the Inspire Award for his charitable work presented by Councillor Lisa Kearns on behalf of the City of Burlington. His passion for his craft, and for the country that inspires him, is evident in everything Joseph does; where his designs and brand model are representations of his passion and love for the Canadian fashion industry.